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Campus Chronicles June- July 2022

With a tinge of joy and whole lot of hope our new year commences offline and the campus is buzzing 

Campus Chronicles Edition 1

A story is a part of a writer’s soul in ink. And that blank paper transports us to worlds beyond 

Importance Of Mental Health – Komal Shah PUC 1 Humanities

IMPORTANCE OF MENTAL HEALTH   What is Mental Health? Mental health is an integral and essential component of health. The 

Importance of Mental Health – Samyuktha Sanal PUC1 Humanities

  Mental Health   “It is saddening and heart-breaking to know that people don’t consider the brain as a part 

Notes on Psychology and Mental Health

With the increased awareness of mental well-being, Psychology has emerged as a  lucrative career option for young students. At Deens 

After school internship

A Debate on “All the students should have an after school job or internship” An after-school job can provide a 

Colonising Mars

          Debate on, “Is colonizing Mars a better solution for the overpopulation of the Earth?” Earth 

PUC1 Toppers 2020

CBSE Grade XII Toppers 2019

CBSE Grade XII Toppers 2018