Student Counsellor

Hansa Shaunik

Hansa, our counsellor holds a Masters degree in Psycho-social Clinical Studies. Her training in this field has been aimed at exploring the sociological and cultural construct that influence mental health for which she has worked with individuals in varied settings. Some of these would include

Juvenile Delinquents in Drug Rehabilitation and Correctional Facilities.

Children with Mental Retardation and cerebral palsy

Families belonging to economically weaker sections of the society, specifically migrants from rural areas making a living in Urbanized cities.

Working with adolescents who are either “under- achievers” or school drop outs from under privileged families.

She has also worked with students from government schools as a career guidance counsellor.

As a trainer,she has experience in developing curriculum on child safety issues (ranging from drug abuse, sexual abuse to Internet safety and bullying) as well as delivering them to groups. This work was primarily with IB and CBSE Schools

The child can be referred to her through her class teacher, who will route it through the Headmistress for that section.