Student Counsellor

Charlotte Rosline Soans

Charlotte Rosline Soans holds bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Criminology and Master’s degree in Holistic psychological counseling from School of social work, Roshini Nilaya. She is a certified handwriting analyst and is certified in CPR/AED/First Aid. She began her career as a counseling psychologist for 2 years and then worked as Child life practitioner at Manipal hospital Bangalore for 8 years.

She represented India as an award recipient during the 31st Annual conference on professional issues at Denver, Colorado United States by Child Life Council.

Her role as a counseling Psychologist includes:

  • Specialize in grief counseling
  • Mastered in case management
  • Organize workshops for parents, teachers and children
  • Conducting Guest lectures
  • Certified handwriting analyst
  • Certified art therapist
  • Conduct psychological assessments when needed in order to help the client in holistic approach.
  • Currently pursuing practitioner certification program on NLP(Neuro-linguistic program and CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy)


She believes in holistic healing as that as always proved beneficial and durable in an individual’s life. Having practiced as a counseling psychologist for decade, she highly recommends and advocates family time which in return helps in an overall development in a child’s life as well as for the members in the family. Apart from practicing as a counseling psychologist, she also teaches psychology for PU humanities students which includes sharing professional experiences with students and bringing together the theory and practical information to students in a package that helps in understanding the subject matter in depth. In order to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their learning, a student practitioner program was implemented, which can also be termed as a peer support group.