Student Counsellor

Charlotte Rosline Soans

Charlotte Rosline Soans holds bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Criminology and Master’s degree in Holistic psychological counseling from School of social work, Roshini Nilaya. She began her career as a counseling psychologist for 2 years and then Worked as Child life practitioner at Manipal hospital Bangalore for 8 years.

She represented India as an award recipient during the 31st Annual conference on professional issues at Denver, Colorado United States by Child Life Council.

Her role as a counseling Psychologist includes:

  • Specialize in grief counseling
  • Mastered in case management
  • Organize workshops for parents, teachers and children
  • Conducting Guest lectures
  • Certified handwriting analyst
  • Certified art therapist
  • Conduct psychological assessments when needed in order to help the client in holistic approach.
  • Currently pursuing practitioner certification program on NLP(Neuro-linguistic program and CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy)


She believes in holistic healing as that as always proved beneficial and durable in an individual’s life. Having practiced as a counseling psychologist for decade, she highly recommends and advocates family time which in return helps in an overall development in a child’s life as well as for the members in the family.