College Uniform

The following dress code is prescribed for students of the Deens Pre-University College:

Uniforms to be worn on all working days :  Rust coloured Tshirt, Tan coloured full length trousers, Black shoes, Black socks, black sweat shirt and black belt.

  • Students must be dressed in complete uniform on all days. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards tardy uniform.
  • Girl students are permitted to wear only studs in their ears. They are not permitted to sport more than 2 ear piercings. Any other jewellery is not permitted and shall be confiscated. Boy students are not permitted to wear any jewellery.
  • Students who wish to line their eyes with Kajal are expected to wear only a single line of 1 mm of kajal. Thicker streaks of kajal or eyeliner are not permitted to school.
  • Body piercing of any other form is not permitted in all students of the school.
  • All boys must keep their hair short (not being more than 2 inches long). Exceptions on religious grounds will be made.
  • Muslim girl students are allowed to wear a Hijab which is Black in colour.
  • Long nails and nail polish are prohibited. Henna/ mehendi is also not permitted.
  • Hair streaking, hair extensions, coloured lip balms and shortening of shirt sleeves among girl students is prohibited. Students found violating this rule will not be allowed to class until it is rectified.
  • On occasions when students are permitted to wear coloured clothes to school, we require them to be in formal clothing which is suitable for the academic atmosphere of the college. Male students cannot wear shorts and sleeveless t-shirts. Girl-students cannot wear clothes that end anywhere above 1 inch below their knees, that are off shoulder or have sleeveless cut aways. Tank tops and spaghetti tops are not permitted. Students who wear clothing which is inappropriate will be asked to change or will be sent home.
  • Sweatshirts are permitted only if the weather is below 24 degrees. Sweatshirts are not permitted in warm weather and they may not hang around the hips.
    All Uniform requirements are available at the ProShop operated by our vendor YOUNIFORM. On admission, students are required to visit the ProShop to be measured for the uniform. Pro-Shop also accepts order through their Online Portal or you also order via email or you may contact the customer care on :  Mr Venu: , 7795648490,Mr. Ganesh :09582210951.
  • Pro Shop Supervisor
  1. Venu Gopal:7795648490, 7338522136, Email:
  2. Sales Manager: Parvesh Tomar :09999538625 Email:
  3. Director: Sachin Sahni: 09971385890