Fire Drills

The School is fitted with fire extinguishers at all appropriate points. Fire drills are rehearsed at regular intervals by students and staff. Details of contact persons in case of emergency is posted on corridors of every floor.

Deens PU College takes utmost care for the safety of its children. Various evacuation plans are brainstormed every single year among children and teachers. The Student Representatives along with his/ her team work out schedules and fire drills are rehearsed many times in a year.

Every classroom has a designated route assigned to be followed.  Teachers and staff are assigned for every floor to ensure the fire drill is conducted correctly. When the emergency bell is sounded, all students and staff drop what they do and exit. Procedure of silence and quick walk is followed.  Every floor of every block has fire  extinguishers are placed strategically and staff ( teaching and support) and senior students are trained to use them.