Our Motto is ” On the Route to Excellence”

Our Team of Teachers strives to achieve excellence by

  • Providing  a stimulating atmosphere that sparks exploration and creativity
  • Experiential learning  in a versatile curriculum which will help unlock every student’s hidden potential and foster growth
  • Providing a balanced blend of academic and cultural elements that reinforces the larger objective of providing a well-rounded and holistic education.

Our team of  well qualified passionate teachers are a closely knit and work in tandem to achieve this Deens vision.

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Here is a brief glimpse of our wonderful team of Facilitators

Ms  Neeta Goswami: A vivacious lady with a warm demeanour, Ms Neeta is the winner of most Innovative Teacher award in Hindi last year in the Times Foundation teacher awards (TAFIT). She ensures that she offer maximum support for every child to excel under her care. She has multiple post graduate degrees like M Com, MA, PGDMM (Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management), B Ed, NTT along with Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) diplomas. She also worked for various NGOs in the education field. Known for making Hindi a more interesting and easier subject for many years at our school.She now hopes to achieve the same with the PUC students.  She has a passion for cooking creatively and enjoys value based education.

Ms Sonia Ahuja: A sincere, enthusiastic person with a penchant for punctuality. Equipped with an Msc degree in Botany and Bachelors in education she has been mentoring children for a career in Biology for the last 14 years. Her sparkling personality compliments her interest in painting and gardening. She is a valuable member of the team of teachers who will be facilitating our Science students in the Pre-University course.


Ms Rupa Balasubramani: An extremely diligent, resourceful and approachable teacher  our Chemistry teacher, encourages children to work in collaborative activities to understand their concepts better. She has been a favorite teacher for our senior grades for the last 2 years. Before joining our organisations she has been teaching Chemistry for over a decade in various leading organizations. An avid reader she also holds a post graduate degree in Sciences. Her jovial outlook and steadfast encouragement will  assist young PUC students prosper under her supervision.

Ms Jeyasri Arun Prasath:  Ever smiling, cheerful and enthusiastic, our Physics teacher is a student oriented, approachable person. Ms Jeyasri has always been a exemplary student She was a  Gold medalist ( University First rank holder) in Msc Physics,  she was the University 2nd Rank for  MPhil ( Physics) and 4th rank in college for Bsc (Physics). She also holds an MBA degree along with PG diploma in Computer Applications and a Bachelors degree in Education. She has taught Physics to M.Sc and B.Sc students in leading degree colleges She has been a science teacher with a decade long experience in leading schools. She enjoys playing chess in her free time. Her focus is on finding new methodologies and ensure children pursue their studies in a joyous atmosphere at school.

Ms Pushpica: A warm smile and a positive attitude is the signature style of Ms Pushpica our Economics teacher. She has spent the last 6 years teaching Economics in higher grades of various schools and colleges. Her group sessions and activity based classrooms ensure student engagement.  She has a MA degree in Analytical and Applied Economics from Utkal University Bhubaneshwar. She looks forward to helping students become productive and successful citizens.


Ms Priyanka K N : Our Multitalented Maths teacher is a picture of positivity and zeal.  Though she began her career as a guest faculty at an engineering college which has a A grade National level accredition she enjoys teaching younger children the basics in Grade 11 and 12 better. She has been a senior teacher of Mathematics at Deens Academy for the last 4 years. She has a Masters degree in Mathematics along with a Bachelors degree in education. She also pursues an interest in Carnatic music and was a champion district level Badminton player in her school days. Always in the pursuit of fresh new ideas and technologies she ensures her classes are delightful for her students.

Ms Puneeta Sharma: One of our most versatile and experienced teachers, our English teacher has taught almost every grade in school from grade 1-12.  She holds a degree in Fine arts and brings this creativity into her daily facilitation. She has a Masters Degree and BEd in English. She also holds an additional Cambridge University diploma for Teachers in her subject. She is a talented artist and enjoys reading in her free time. She looks forward to providing students of PU with a variety of opportunities where they can explore their creativity.

Ms Swathi Ajjarapu:Our diligent computer teacher’s gentle demeanor is behind the success of many Grade 10,11 & 12 students in Deens Academy for the last 4 years. She is a team player and excels in promoting collaborative work among her students. Before joining Deens Academy she worked as an assistant professor for Reputed Engineering college and as a software developer. Equipped with a MTech degree in Computer Science, Ms Swathi  also oversees the Parent portal ERP for the school. Her patience and perseverance ensures her students excel in the chosen subject.

Mr Shashikumar: Information is the key to success is the principle on which our Kannada teacher operates on a daily basis. He is an avid reader and enjoys filing interesting articles from Newspapers which he like to share and discuss with his students. Along with a Masters in Kannada he also holds a Masters degree in Economics along with a Bachelors in Education. He is athletic and enjoys sports- Cricket and Badminton in particular. He ensures his students are updated with the latest information to guarantee their success in academic as well.

Mr Rajesh Nair: Our Sports teacher is a champion swimmer and scuba diver. He has been coaching children into successful sports careers at Deens Academy for over a decade and outside for the last 2 decades. He holds Bachelors degree in Humanities and Physical education. He is also accredited by the American Swimming Coach association and also holds  a Post graduate diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. One of our most lovable and trusted employees, he provides the children the necessary relief and excercise to ensure an active body for a healthy mind.

Ms Rakhi Agrawal:  An outgoing optimist Ms Agrawal is our perfect Business Studies teacher. She is a passionate writer and encourages her students to speak up with confidence and clarity.  She is a Commerce graduate and a Chartered Accountant. She looks forward for making a difference on impressionable young minds attending Pre- University college.



Ms Ranjeeta Swain: Our joyful librarian’s easy going nature ensures children find it easy to access their reference material in the library. She holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science.  Along with Books Ms Swain also experiments with Knitting and stitching. She looks forward to inculcating the love for books and reading among the young PU students