Student Activities

Creative Writing workshop on 11th and 12th April 2023

Conducted by Ms Priya Dabak
Report by Arnav Naik and Diya Benson
Creativity is something that everyone imposes . It differs upon the way we present it . For two days i.e. 11th and 12th of April , we had a workshop that aimed to improve our creative writing which is not just essential for our exams but for our future activities as well .
DAY 1 : Due to a slight technical issue, the workshop started off a little late. Priya ma’am began with an introduction as to what we were going to do during the 2 day workshop. She then gave us a very interesting activity, ‘‘Make a pangram’’ using all the alphabets. After this she assigned the second task in which we had to create a
scene using certain props. Many students put forward their work. It was wonderful to hear. One of the most expressive tasks until now was “ Tweet me an idea”, where we learnt that lesser the words the deeper the message. She then spoke about the 3 most important instruments in our writing. Which included brevity, emotion and
caution. We understood the importance of using heavy words with deeper meanings than using longer difficult ones. She also gave us a lot of important tips to improve our writing . This concluded the session of the first day.
DAY 2 : We started off where we left yesterday . The workshop started off with an activity titled “Put Yourself in These Settings” . Priya Ma’am gave us a few pictures and the students were to express their views on them . This was followed by an important
saying of our speaker “Be the director of your story” . A definite highlight of the workshop . We learnt how to express our opinions on paper . The adjectives to use and the correct framing of the sentences to make the reader get lost in your work . We had a recap of phrasal verbs and revisited some old grammatical concepts . A few more activities followed this until the clock stuck 11 and the very informative workshop came to an end .
A vote of thanks was delivered and with that the two-day long session came to an end .


Investiture Ceremony 2022
“If actions inspire others to dream more,learn more,do more and become more,then you are a leader”
The investiture ceremony successfully inducted the newly elected College Prefect, PUC -2 Prefect and PUC1 Prefect on 13th July 2022. The ceremony started with an invocation song by PU1 students. Our Founder Principal Shanthi Ma’am and Principal Chandra Ma’am graced the special occasion with their presence. The band marked the day with the March past. Each member of the student council was introduced and Shanthi Ma’am pinned the badges to each one of them. She then delivered the oath, which urged the council to promise to abide by their responsibilities and duties competently.
The newly elected College Prefect Aditya Muttagi, PUC-2 Prefect K Priyanka and PUC-1 Prefect Vinusha Nayak delivered their acceptance speech and after the vote of thanks, the event ended with the National Anthem.
Shanthi Ma’am addressed the students after the event and motivated them to always try their level best. She encouraged them to grab new opportunities and be the best version of themselves.
Report by Malavika Unni, PUC1 Science.

Debate Competition 2022
“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate.” -Margaret Heffernan
The Debate competition held on the 6th of July 2022 in Deens PU College saw an enthusiastic bunch of students from both PU1 and PU2 take part in a fierce war of words. The event took place in two classes, each having 8 pairs. Contrary to a usual debate, where one team speaks for the given topic and the other speaks against it, this event was conducted in such a way that each team got to speak both for and against the topic.
The event was judged by the Computer Science teacher – Rini Ma’am, French teacher – Aparna Ma’am, Public relation Officer- Hamsini Ma’am and the Principal -Chandra Ma’am, who assessed each student’s strengths and weaknesses.
Debating helps cultivate an individual’s research, reasoning and critical thinking skills.
As said by Chandra Ma’am, “the point of this event was not to perceive it as a competition, but rather to look at it as an opportunity to improve one’s public speaking skills and reduce stage fear”. The event was beautifully hosted by the emcees and all the participants put their best foot forward, wonderfully explaining their respective thoughts and views with detail and clarity. The competition was a great success and it definitely helped a lot of the participants overcome their fear of public speaking
Report on Debate Competition by Rhea Menon. PUC1-Science



“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward.” – Diana, Princess of Wales.

In the session held on June 28, 2022, Grade 9, 10, PUC1 and PUC2 were introduced to SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work education and Action) by our honorable Chief Guest Yogesh sir, who is also part of our esteemed Deens institution. He is a Physical Education teacher at the Deens Whitefield Campus. Being socially well experienced, he was a part of the Corona warriors , deceased task force and he worked for the NDA. Throughout his life he has helped people and worked for the welfare of the society. He also volunteers as a traffic warden everyday and he has been the first respondent to various bomb blasts and floods across Karnataka. 

SEWA should be an important part of all our lives. ‘Tan, Man, Dhan’ are the core principles of SEWA, which states that one should provide physical, emotional and financial support to the ones in need. It should not be a compulsion, rather a duty.

A few SEWA activities which you can undertake are-

  1. Teaching the underprivileged kids
  2. Creating awareness about traffic rules
  3. Planting trees, to save the environment
  4. Fundraising to provide financial support to those in need

Yogesh sir stands as an inspiration for all of us to volunteer for the betterment of the society. The session ended with a quick round of questions. We thank Yogesh sir for spending his valuable time with us and sharing wonderful insights on SEWA. 

Amalgamation 2022

Pictures and video on

‘Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.’
The Amalgamation event held in the Deens PU campus on the 24th of July was truly an event filled with spectacular performances by the talented students of PUC1. While we had a pool full of talented artists ranging from singers to dancers to artists and many more, there were definitely some performances that stood out and left a lasting impression on all the students.
‘Dancing is the poetry of the foot’ and Vinusha Nayak from PU1 Commerce couldn’t have put life into this any better. Her elegant moves and graceful expressions were surely a delight to our eyes.
Malavika Unni of PU1 Science had us in awe with her melodic voice and outstanding guitar performance. Her performance made us feel that words make you think a thought, music makes you feel a feeling, but a song makes you feel a thought.
‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul.’ This was best showcased by Aditya Mule of PU1 Science who put forth an energetic and power packed dance performance with wonderful expressions and swift movements that swept us off our feet and certainly made us want to jump on stage and dance with him.
Affan Shariff from PU1 Science absolutely blew our minds with his swift movements and impeccable technique while showing us various card tricks. It was a very engaging performance and by the end of it, the audience could not help but believe that the existence of tricks does not imply the absence of magic.
‘Sometimes it only takes one good song to bring back thousands of good, old memories.’ The finale performance by Dhruv Nair, Poornima Thiyagarajan, Nidhi Murthy and Eikalavya Vats from PU1 Science sure did bring back some good old memories. The harmonious ensemble put together a beautiful and melodic mashup of a few Hindi songs and their voices were definitely a treat to our ears.
Endings are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. The amalgamation event was overall a great success thanks to the extremely talented students of Deens PUC1, the faculty of the Deens PU College and the wonderful support from the PUC2 students. Wishing you all a joyful and eventful 2 years ahead!
PUC Online Coding competition by PU1 students
A great way to improve your skills when learning to code is by solving coding challenges. Solving different types of challenges and puzzles can help you become a better problem solver, learn the intricacies of a programming language, PU students conducted an online coding competition under the guidance of their Computer Teacher Ms. Swathi Ajjarapu.
 The winners are:
PU1 Science:  Varshini M
PU2: Science:  Ritika C



Event: World  Environment  Day                          
Date: 5th June 2020
One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken” -Leo Tolstoy,
We at Deens PU College celebrated World Environment Day. An online presentation competition planned by the teachers for the students.
Organizer :     Trisha C – PU2 Commerce
  • Komal         –   PU-1 Humanities: What is World Environment Day?
  • Maanya     –    PU-1 Commerce: Who started World Environment Day and why?
  • Ranjitha     –   PU-2 Commerce: What is the importance of current year’s theme?
  • Arushree   –    PU-1 Science: What is biodiversity?
  • Ripaanzal  –    PU-2 Science: Why should we care about biodiversity?







Hindi Diwas

The second edition of Hindi Diwas celebration for PUC-I and PUC-II happened this year as well. We celebrated on 11th September 2021 .The event started off with a smooth hosting and the maiden event was Prarthana and followed by Pratigya and Suvichar. Students presented Bhashan and Kavita on Hindi DiwasVaad-Vivad on multiple topics (“Hindi Ko Rashtriya Bhasha Ke Roop Mein Swikriti Milni Chahiye, Ya Nahin”; “Vartmaan Shiksha Yuvaon Ko Bhavisya Ke Liye Taiyaar Karti Hai Ya Nahin”; “Bharatiya Matribhashaon Ko Sametti Angrezi”; “Rashtrabhasha Ke Bina Rashtra Goonga Hai”), finished off with a beautiful Kathak Dance.

Wealth out of Waste

PUC2 students had participated in an activity “Wealth Out of Waste ” .The objective of the activity was to make effective use of lockdown and destress themselves from the mundane routine.

Budget Presentation:

Upon hearing the word budget several questions may arise in one’s mind like What is a budget? Why do we need it?What is its importance?

The answer to these questions can be found in this presentation that provides information relating to taxes and budget with its importance and features. This presentation is an effort by Riya K. and Aadhya Soni of PUC1 Commerce , Deens PU college with hopes to clear any doubts one may have with reference to the budget.

Auxiliary activities within the curriculum:

The College offers opportunities, within the curriculum, (project-based learning, newspaper review, Case studies, Guest lectures etc), through academic competitions within the campus- Stock exchange simulation, MUN, Debates etc.

Interschool competitions:

We also encourage students to participate in n outside through interschool competitions, MUN’s, quizzes, science fairs and District level competitions which are organised for academic and non-academic competitions for a range of activities like music, dance, yoga, art, craft, drama and theatre, quiz, basketball, cricket, football and athletics.

Student representative board

At Deens College, we empower students with additional responsibilities, thereby helping them to overcome their fears and emerge as leaders. Being a leader is not about being liked, it’s about doing what is right.  It is rightly said that “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Each academic session has an elected Student representative and class representatives who organise events and assemblies within and outside college.

Assemblies :

The Deens College assemblies are often much more than a regular morning gathering of prayer and news reading. Our assemblies offer an opportunity for every child to come up and address the gathering atleast once a year. Assemblies have values presented from stories and each class presents a program on festivals like Independence day, Dushera and Christmas. Students pick a topic they are passionate about and present a student talk.

Every Year has a theme: This year its FIT DEENS (Mental, Physical and Environmentally) : On a subtle but powerful level the reiteration of the theme value is a reminder of its importance of each individual pupil including their individual thoughts and abilities. Overall the assembly helps student start the day with some positive note.

Life Skill Activities :

Every class has a life skill period every week. Here the class teacher/ Career or Student counsellor or mentor teacher facilitates a discussion or activity to enhance an age appropriate life skill. They include work experience and entrepreneurial activities, reflection exercises, image workshops on etiquette, Emergency and disaster relief,, environmentally sensitive topics segregation of waste, etc.. All Students of College need to provide evidence 2-3 hours of compulsory social or community work .

Student council : 

The Student council consists of the President , Vice President and Sports Captain. Each House  in addition to their Captain , Vice Captain and Prefects also has Cultural Ministers, Discipline directors and News and Media representatives who  coordinate with the staff and management for student discipline, activities and events etc. Click for more details 

Life Skill Activities :

Every class has a life skill period every week. Here the class teacher or mentor teacher facilitates a discussion or activity to enhance an age appropriate life skill. They include using a fork and knife, folding a shirt, basic first aid, checking expiry dates on consumables, segregation of waste, peeling and grating vegetables etc.. Students of grades 6-12 need to provide evidence 2-3 hours of compulsory social or community work in addition to assisting class teachers in maintaining the classroom, coordinating Parent teacher meetings etc.

Assemblies :

The Deens school assemblies are often much more than a regular morning gathering of prayer and news reading. Our School assemblies offer an opportunity for every child to come up and address the gathering atleast once a year. The KiDeens Assemblies have values presented from stories and each class presents an asembly on festivals like Independence day, Dushera and Christmas. Senior students pick a topic they are passionate about and present a student talk. Assemblies are hosted both gradewise and house wise.

Each grade presents a special assembly on a topic with a song, skit and sometimes a dance numbers for its grade students attended by the parents. Here the focus is on values ( each month is assigned one) June is conformity, followed by honesty, respect, courtesy , hard work , attitude etc..The practice of reflection and spelling out these values  helps students  focus upon the positive aspects of themselves that they can value and build on.

On a subtle but powerful level the reiteration of the the theme value is a reminder of its importance of each individual pupil including their individual thoughts and abilities.Overall the assembly helps children start the day with some positive note.