World Environment Day

Event: World  Environment  Day                          
Date: 5th June 2020
One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken” -Leo Tolstoy,
We at Deens PU College celebrated World Environment Day. An online presentation competition planned by the teachers for the students.
Organizer :     Trisha C – PU2 Commerce
  • Komal         –   PU-1 Humanities: What is World Environment Day?
  • Maanya     –    PU-1 Commerce: Who started World Environment Day and why?
  • Ranjitha     –   PU-2 Commerce: What is the importance of current year’s theme?
  • Arushree   –    PU-1 Science: What is biodiversity?
  • Ripaanzal  –    PU-2 Science: Why should we care about biodiversity?