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Profile of Members in the Deens Alumni Network

Deens Academy alumni are in dominating positions across the world in different Careers, Companies and Universities.
Connect with them to grow Professionally & Personally.

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Deens Guiding Alumni

We are proud of our alumni who are setting an example and motivating younger students.
Here are some alumni who are actively guiding current students by answering questions, conducting
webinars and much more.

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Adding value to our Alumni

We believe in nurturing our students even after they graduate from school. Here’s how we do it!


  • Join quarterly networking sessions online/offline organized by the school
  • Reconnect with your batchmates, seniors, juniors
  • Build meaningful connections - personal & business

Learning & Development

  • Get invited to learning webinars & workshops at no cost
  • Opportunity to upskill in various areas
  • Meet faculty/founders of top universities/organizations


  • Get featured on the school’s social media & website for your achievements
  • Nomination for illustrious alumni awards
  • Receive a certificate of recognition for guiding juniors


  • Receive updates about your school’s achievements
  • Throwback memories of students, teachers, events, etc.
  • Updates about your batchmates


  • Access to alumni directory for networking
  • Discounts on certifications & other learning opportunities
  • Access to job & internship opportunities

Giving back to school

Your relationship with DPS Bangalore North doesn't end once you graduate. You can stay
involved by giving back in a variety of ways.

Be A Mentor

We believe mentoring is a great opportunity for Alumni to develop new skills and have a chance to share the benefit of their experience with young Alumnus. As a Alumni mentor, you can help current Alumnus find out more about the reality of courses, college admissions, certain jobs, sectors and professions based on your personal experiences.

Give A Career Talk

Share your career experience with young Alumnus and inspire them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. We believe Alumnus would benefit tremendously from hearing from alumni who have ‘been there and done that’ and are able to give invaluable advice by sharing their experiences working in a particular role or sector.

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