Our school’s curriculum is recognised by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  Its primary objective is to provide a solid and unshakeable foundation in the core subject areas of science, mathematics, social science, language and environmental studies. However, The Deens educational practice is not limited to textbook learning alone – instead our experiential curriculum provides hands-on learning, teaches macro concepts, encourages free expression and develops creative and critical thinking faculties. The Deens curriculum is hence multifaceted, and includes an array of enrichment programmes that span art, sport and community service.


What curriculum does The Deens Academy follows?

 We follow to CBSE curriculum for grades 8 upwards and grades 1-5 are aligned towards this with an indigenously developed curriculum, which lays emphasis on    application and independent thought. All grades follow the CBSE guidelines with regard to learning objectives and assessments.

What are the 2nd languages offered and from which class?

 At present we offer Hindi and Kannada from LKG onwards.

What are the 3rd languages offered  and from which class?

 Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit  are offered from Grade 6 onwards until Grade 8

What is the teaching methodology KiDeens follows?

 KiDeens teaching methodology is the play way, predominantly emphasizing on hands-on activity, along with Montessori for mathematical and sensorial skills, through song, storytelling and puppetry.

What is the teaching methodology Deens follows?

 Deens teaching methodology is activity and project based, an integrated  curriculum to have attitude and values along with scholastic and co-scholastic aptitudes.

What are the extracurricular activities offered in KiDeens?

 Children of KiDeens use the splash pool; play at the sand pit and the children’s play area. Dance, music, field trips, storytelling and art classes as part of their regular time table.

What are the extracurricular activities offered in Deens Academy?

 Swimming, Dance, Theater, Yoga, Western and Indian Music, and Art Class is compulsory from Grade-1 onwards. In addition to these specialized training is offered to children selected in school Sports Teams. Children also choose a club activity which they pursue for 4 hours in a month. This is a compulsory paid activity.

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